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Now with the various technologies and aspects of connectivity,Data Max Solutions helps their SME clients to connect through different solutions.

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PRI – ISDN – The PRI solution is the latest in digital telephony technology that allows users to have direct numbers out the need for having corresponding increase in telephone lines.

  • Digital quality voice experience
  • Inter office networking
  • Logical numbering plan
  • 30 simultaneous voice channels
  • Redeployment of Telephone Operators
  • Direct inward & outward dialing feature for every user
  • Extension-wise billing
  • Fast Call set up/connect times
The Advantages of PRI
  • Free from noise or Radio Frequency Interference
  • Seamless connectivity between offices
  • Blocking off of a series of consecutive numbers
  • Can be used for applications such as video conferencing & data transfers
  • Low Latency - faster call connectivity


VOIP-Save upto 80% on your communication costs


Cost effective international business calls between employees,global branches and customers.

Save upto 80% more as compared to traditional PSTN lines.

Ideal for call center setup and recruitment agencies.